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Imperial Parking Asia Limited
Imperial Parking Asia Limited (Impark Asia) was established in 1995 by then parent company Imperial Parking (Impark). Impark was founded in 1962 and still operates over 2000 parking facilities in Canada and the United States making it one of the largest parking management companies in North America. At the conclusion of the ‘90’s Impark divested itself of Impark Asia and with it the operations of Imperial Parking Taiwan (Impark Taiwan). Today Impark Taiwan remains a part of Impark Asia and a licensed affiliate of Impark.

Impark Asia has combined its experience in the region with North American management skills to become a leader in parking management consulting. Impark Taiwan for example assisting with such project as Taipei 101 (the world’s tallest building), and the Wind Dance Shopping Center (the largest shopping center in Central Taiwan)

Impark Taiwan has become the preferred parking management company of leading international hotels in Taiwan. Our revenue collection and validation systems are widely recognized as the standard for industry.
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