Mission Statement

Create a secure, convenient and service orientated parking environment
Effective usage of parking lot space is the fundamental objective for car park management. However, the key to a successfully managed parking lot is also the creation of a comfortable and safe environment where customers can enter and exit the facility with ease. These are our fundamental objectives at Impark Asia.

Take for example a parking lot in an International Hotel or Shopping Centre, these are not locations where customers just park their vehicles but are in fact the these facilities becomes the ‘first’ and ‘last’ impressions of the hotel or shopping center facility itself. As any good host, Impark Asia focuses on its customers the moment they pass through the gate until they exit the facility at street level. Our motto at Impark Asia is “a smile from entrance to exit”.
Effective & Efficient Operations
Impark Asia prides itself on its four foundations of staff recruitment and training; operation and revenue audits; effective execution of standard operation procedures; and timely equipment maintenance and repair. In addition, our performance based management system and a proactive approach to processing landlord, customer and internal feedback helps us to constantly improve our operations, service and effectively reduce costs.
Maximize Landlord Profitability
Impark Asia implements professional market analysis and flexible marketing plans to maximize landlord profitability and tax savings.
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