Parking Management

Impark Asia has been providing parking management and valet services to the hotel and hospitality industry for over ten years in Asia. We know from our clients and guests, that customer service is critical to the success of our hotel properties. Each Impark Asia hotel parking facility reflects the service standards of the hotel operation itself and leaves a favorable first and lasting impression for guests visiting the property.

Impark Asia understands the particular demands of a busy hotel operation, the requirements to maintain space available for guests, and the opportunity to optimize revenue through selling additional space to short-term and monthly parkers. While guest service is paramount, Impark Asia's expertise in managing parking inventory creates improved financial results for hotel owners and managers.
Mixed-Use Facilities
Impark Asia has experience and significant background managing mixed-use facilities. Through our independent parent company we are an innovator and leader in the management of parking facilities serving mixed-use projects. Because of the diverse parking needs produced by the various uses often found in these types of facilities (hotel, office, retail, residential, etc.), it takes a company with our related background to solve problems created by conflicting demands of mixed parking interests.

In order to find the right solution for property needs, consideration must be given to a variety of validation programs, audit controls, varying day time demands, and issues related to shared use. We have the necessary experience and support to solve these issues quickly and efficiently while maintaining peak revenues and customer satisfaction.
Office Buildings
We have experience to manage various types of parking in office buildings and provide all that landlords may require, including staffing, equipment, signage, maintenance and hands-on management to ensure the parking facility run trouble free.

We pride ourselves on tenant safety and satisfaction while reducing costs and maintaining landlord profitability. Our landlords enjoy worry free operations because of our hands-on management style and long-term expertise.
Residential Properties
Impark Asia has proven expertise in managing parking in residential and residential/commercial developments that provide landlords with an effective balance between revenues, overall parking and customer management.

Landlords choose to rely on Impark Asia’s expertise at space management, direct billing & tracking, deposits; and monitoring activities that ensure spaces are available to authorized parkers.

With increasing operating costs landlords, building managers, and property managers all look to us to generate more revenue from their residential parking spaces. In order to do so we provide payment systems for visitor parking that generate significant added revenue and convenience to residents and their guests. Additionally, we have found many of our client buildings have resident spaces that remain empty during the day. Impark Asia prides itself in its ability to effectively convert this available space into additional revenue while not disturbing tenants or affecting the buildings security.
Retail Property
A common challenge facing landlords of commercial and retail properties is ensuring legitimate customers of the retail tenants are using the parking spaces. Impark Asia offers a parking management system that ensures prime parking spaces turn over frequently with target customers; while other low yield parkers utilize less desirable spaces.

Retail parking systems often feature:
‧ Signage that clearly illustrates specific customer parking areas, rates, and destinations.
‧ Stackers for assisted parking for specific high-end stores or for retail centers with limited parking or extreme high volume periods.
‧ Permit parking ensuring staff locate in designated spaces.
‧ Validated parking for tenants customers.
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